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based in//

Los Angeles, California



Soundtrack, World, Alternative

published as SHOUT | SOFTLY


years active//



Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Marc began studying classical guitar at the age of six. That education took on many forms and branched into multiple styles from classical to blues, blues to rock, and later, electronic at the beginning of the MIDI revolution. That led to a strong interest in composition for media, and later, audio and video post-production.

Marc has composed and provided post-production services for theatrical, episodic, video on demand, trailers, and games for over 25 years. His work can be heard and seen in both streaming services and onscreen, theatrically. The media dictates the style. His work has been described as both orchestral and atmospheric. It combines the best of electronic, synth-based music with classical orchestration, and guitar. Marc’s style will permeate and blend with differing genres while always adhering to a Director’s vision.

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