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Born in Los Angeles, California, Marc embarked on his musical journey at just six years old, beginning with classical guitar. His musical education expanded as he explored various genres, transitioning from classical to blues, rock, and eventually delving into electronic music during the early days of the MIDI revolution. This exploration sparked a deep interest in composing music for media, leading him further into the realms of audio and video post-production.

With over 25 years of experience, Marc has crafted compositions and provided post-production expertise for a diverse range of projects including theatrical releases, episodic television, video on demand, trailers, and video games. His work, which can be experienced on both streaming platforms and in theaters, adapts to the demands of the medium. Described as both orchestral and atmospheric, Marc’s compositions skillfully blend electronic, synth-based music with traditional classical orchestration and guitar. His distinctive style not only adapts to various genres but also meticulously aligns with a director’s vision, ensuring a cohesive and impactful auditory experience


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